Planting seeds for happy, healthy sprouts to Blossom!

A child’s early development is their most valuable long-term investment

“Receive the children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom.”

-Rudolf Steiner

Our Mission.

Cultivating a unique, home & nature-based learning environment within the early childhood education space. Providing up to four toddlers a homestead setting and the rhythmic framework to develop the core foundations of being Human: exploring nature, playing, dancing, singing, cooking, cleaning, growing food, making art and the ability to self-regulate their nervous systems.


Our curriculum is guided by the Waldorf approach to learning and its creator, philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Each day follows a common rhythm of holistic wellness, flavored by unique crafts, experiments, games and the daily emotional flows of the children.


Developing a homeschool community in Dawson county that offers students an alternative to the public education system, guided by their natural curiosity and natural gifts; comprehensively preparing  for the uncertain world ahead.

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